Are you searching for top-notch corporate lifestyle photographers in Bangalore to capture the essence of your workplace culture? Look no further! Sree Vikash Photography is here to provide you with a professional photoshoot experience at Pluralsight India Pvt Ltd, allowing you to showcase the unique working atmosphere at your organization.

Professional Photoshoot at Pluralsight India Pvt Ltd

Pluralsight India Pvt Ltd is known for its collaborative work environment and the autonomy it offers to its team members. To convey this vibrant culture to potential recruits and clients, we embarked on a corporate photoshoot journey at their Bangalore office. Here’s a glimpse of what we captured:

1. Corporate Headshot Photography in Bangalore

We began the photoshoot by focusing on headshots. Our team meticulously photographed 10 individuals from Pluralsight India Pvt Ltd, ensuring that their professional portraits truly reflected their personalities. These headshots are available in both black & white and color, offering a versatile range of options for your marketing needs.

2. Candid Office Images

To showcase the authentic working experience at Pluralsight, we seamlessly blended into the office environment, capturing candid moments of team members throughout the day. These candid images highlight the collaborative spirit and the sense of ownership that team members possess.

Our Approach

At Sree Vikash Photography, we take pride in our ability to tell compelling visual stories. Our approach to this corporate photoshoot was no different. We combined our expertise in corporate portrait photography in Bangalore with our passion for capturing candid moments to create a visual narrative that truly represents Pluralsight’s unique work culture.


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