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The Experience

I believe your portraits should tell your story

Whether you have been planning your wedding since you were a little girl, or you didn’t start planning until the first moment you saw him, your wedding captures will be like no one else’s. I don’t believe in cookie cutter, cheesy posing. I believe in doing things together that you love, laughing at an inside joke, snuggling together until you find your favorite place in the world, when you are surrendered by his arms and he pulls you in tight. I won’t be dragging along any intimidating light set-ups or over the top dramatic posing. Just the two of you, and your real love story!

On your wedding day, I’ll be there to capture the giant moments, weather its the first time you kiss your husband or the time he proudly holds your hand in front of the world. I’ll be there to capture those tiny moments; when you take that small glimpse with your dad just before you start walking down the aisle.

Your wedding day is made of pieces big and small. For me, it’s not about creating images, it’s about capturing beautiful memories that melts you in love everytime you see them. Photos that remind you how you were drenched in that lovely moment.

I believe my job is to make your wedding day easier, not harder

The urge to create lifelong client relationships; built on friendship and trust is what I look forward to.

From our first meeting together until we say goodbye at the end of the wedding night, I will be by your side to make your wedding planning a adventurous one! It’s all cafe lights , but when you get to the actual planning of the biggest, most important, most stylish day of your life, putting everything together can sometimes seem so overwhelming! You know what’s amazing though? The Wedding day… those are amazing! The frangnantic flowers, the dress, the music, havinge everyone you love from every part of your lives together under one roof & becoming a family from your best friend, that’s the best stuff right there. By the time your wedding day comes, you’ll know you won’t have to stress about captures because we’ve planned everything perfectly, and you’ll know we’ve got your back if anything oozes out of the plan!

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