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Wedding Photographer in Bangalore

Best photos! The photos which you can later use to maintain that snap-streak over your socials. Sree Vikash delivers you the exact same thing which you won’t be able to take your eyes off. Each picture he takes encapsulates the energy of your Wedding day. The vibe and the whole aura gets through so well that each picture becomes a masterpiece to show off. Let it be your grandparents witnessing your sangeet ceremony and laughing as you and your groom dances over some random English songs, Sree Vikash makes sure he captures these little expressions and deliver the whole visual feast of the collected moments to you.

Sree Vikash is the best wedding photographer in Bangalore and he will be your best friend all through this extravaganza. He likes to capture intricate details and weave all the photographs to bring the story out. Every picture tells a story and you getting hitched has a long story which unfolds as the days pass by. 

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Why Sree Vikash

Passionate for Wedding Photography

Sree Vikash is always on the look-out for some candid moments which he can come across. So, you will find him observing the surroundings and studying the expressions. His way of work is very friendly and descent. Being Top Wedding Photographer he believes in making your photoshoot a seamless process where you won’t have to go through any hiccups at all. As a creative by professional getting the best pictures, witnessing your wedding and celebrating love in pure form makes him do what he does the best and that is photography. 


So far he has got a chance to be an official candid wedding photographer for more than 100 couples in India. He travelled to Lucknow, Mumbai and Delhi and wowed the couple as they saw their pictures clicked so well. Sree Vikash holds a special talent in seizing candid pictures and that adds an extra edge to your photoshoot as well where you don’t have to worry about poses at all. All you have to be is natural. That’s it! 

Choose your interest

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There are lots of things to tick off from your list to make your wedding day a grand success. Everyone is doing their best and when you have a good photographer on board you don’t have to second guess and worry about anything. 

In these pandemic times, Sree Vikash follows the safety precautions and is trustworthy. Investing in a photographer who has so much talent will be something you won’t ever regret. 

He has a variety of packages available and you can even customize a certain package if you would like to tweak certain things. 

As you already know the pre-wedding photoshoot is the hype and he captures all the intense emotions you got to be having before your Wedding. He creates a fun environment where you can burst into laughter. Literally, if you are a hopeless romantic you are going to enjoy the pre-wedding photoshoot with Sree Vikash. It is just like the breath of fresh air you need right before your wedding day. 

The Wedding Day photoshoot will be filled with candid pictures of you cruising towards your groom. He is open to all religions and knows the rituals, so he won’t be missing on any important click at all.  

If you ever feel like you have to replicate some photographs you have saved over your vision board you can share with Sree Vikash. He gives you ideas as well. So, feel free anytime to discuss with Sree Vikash, your confidante top wedding photographer.

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Wedding Packages

Basic Wedding

  • 12Hr coverage
  • Two Events - Reception & Wedding
  • Candid & Group Photos with Standard Video
  • 1 No Traditional Photographer, 1 No Traditional videographer & 1 No Candid Photographer
  • Deliverables -
  • - Full Hd Traditional Video & Photos via Google drive & Pen Drive
  • - 1 No of Album
  • Size 12x15 inch Album of 35 sheets
  • For Events Like -
  • - Small Wedding & Reception for Guest 100-200
70,000 - 80,000
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Classic Wedding

  • 12Hr coverage
  • Two Events - Reception & Wedding
  • Candid & Group Photos with Standard Video & Cinematic Highlight
  • 1 No Traditional Photographer, 1 No Traditional videographer & 1 No Candid Photographer 1 No Candid Videographer
  • Deliverables -
  • - Cinematic Highlight Video
  • - Full Hd Tradtional Video
  • - Candid & Traditional Photos via Google drive & Pen Drive
  • - 2 No of Album
  • Size 12x18 inch Album of 50 sheets
  • For Events Like -
  • - Regualar Wedding & Reception
  • - Guest 400-850
1,30,000 - 1,55,000
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